Meeting those challenges requires construction companies to use new, innovative tools. What brings advantage to companies is being better at using IT tools and technological innovations and understanding the need to automate and digitise their activities through:

  • laser scanning,
  • BIM (Building Information Modelling),
  • machine learning and artificial intelligence.

It is worth mentioning that the beginnings of KSM Vision are associated with the construction industry: in the initial period of our activity, we provided measurement solutions for the construction industry (shape, displacement and deformation measurements). See more in the “History” tab. 

Currently, we offer a system of visual detection of material defects for companies from the wood processing industry and manufacturers of building materials. Due to the limited availability of human resources, those industries automate more and more processes that used to be unprofitable. Thanks to video cameras and machine learning algorithms, we successfully carry out processes of detecting and removing defects in boards (cracks, resin pockets, dead or loose knots), bricks or blocks.

To find more solutions for the construction industry, visit the “Quality control of fascia board defects” tab.