• inspect 360+ C

    The Inspect 360+ C system is used to control the quality of closures. Inspect 360+ C detects defects such as: dirt, dent, lack of a cap or defective lapping.

    The system is installed on the existing production line above the transporter and it includes:

    • measuring head equipped with a camera and illuminator; the camera observes the object from above, and the use of a set of mirrors developed by KSM Vision allows for circumferential inspection of the nuts in the range of 360 ° (patent PL No. 229618);
    • a control system that enables the machine to be operated via a touch panel;
    • head height adjustment system;
    • bottle and vial separation system;
    • a level sensor for filling the liquid in the bottle;
    • reject station.
  • inspect 360+ X

    Inspect 360+ X is a group of X-Ray systems for quality control. They are primarily used to detect foreign bodies (e.g. metals, glass) and large deformations of packaging in products after closing. In addition to quality control of aluminum cans (e.g. beverages, canned food, freeze-dried products), it also performs inspection of products, i.e. sachets, meat/fish packed on trays.

    The system is an independent machine that can be installed on the production line. The system includes:

    • one or two sets of line cameras with a radiation generator that illuminate the product from above and/or from the side;
    • product transportation system (conveyors, reject station, buffer table/container for removed packaging);
    • a control system that enables the machine to be operated via a touch panel.