Quality control of containers for liquid preparations


Optical system for quality control of packaging closures for liquid preparations on high-speed production lines. The system is constructed in such a way that it allows the observation of the top and bottom surface, as well as the 360° side inspection of the closure with a single camera.

  • INSPECT360+

    The system uses an innovative technology that allows simultaneous observation of the top and bottom surface of the bottle/vial closure, as well as a 360° side view of the closure with a single camera. Quality control using the Inspect360+ system enables automatic detection of closure defects such as:

    • deformations,
    • wrinkles, creases,
    • poor vial tightening,
    • cracks,
    • discolouration,
    • crooked closure,
    • incorrectly fitted tamper-evident band of the cap.

    The controlled objects can move freely between a pair of dedicated mirrors, which allows the system to comply with the requirements of high-speed continuous production lines. Thanks to the optimized optical design, Inspect360 + can also be integrated into existing production lines.

    • a measuring head with a single digital camera and a dedicated LED illuminator,
    • touch screen enclosures,
    • a dedicated controller that enables integration with the logic of production line inspection,
    • assembly elements for the production line,
    • optional fill level inspection cameras,
    • an optional reject station.
    • observation of the top, bottom and side surfaces of the closure with just a single camera,
    • possible defect classification,
    • possible installation on high-speed production lines (capacity up to 40,000 packages per hour,
    • possible integration with production line control signals.


Inspect 360+ CM is an optical system for quality control of bottle and vial closures. Thanks to the innovative technology consisting of a digital camera and a specially designed set of mirrors, the system enables simultaneous observation of the upper surface of container caps and a 360° view of their side and bottom surfaces. Inspect 360+ CM has a capacity of up to 36,000 containers per hour. The system suits the requirements of advanced production lines for high-speed continuous filling and closing of vials, bottles and other similar containers. Its intuitive and functional design enables easy integration with existing production lines in a completely non-invasive manner.

Main characteristics of Inspect360+ CM:
  • full product inspection guarantee,
  • capacity of up to 36,000 packages per hour,
  • contactless, non-invasive, fully automated inspection,
  • simultaneous analysis of the top, side and bottom surfaces,
  • compliance with each production line,
  • compact dimensions,
  • remote access to inspection data available in the InspectWeb application.