Quality control of seams

KSM Vision offers a visual system for the quality control of seams in products such as pouches, zipper bags, instant foods, etc.

The quality control system is based on a camera that takes photos of the packaging from the top. The photos are then analysed in order to determine the characteristic parameters of packaging and to distinguish between good packaging and defective packaging.

The elements of our solution:

  • •    precise quality control of the closure
    •    quality control of the entire surface
    •    quality control of the seam
    •    rejection of defective products

Detected defects:

  • blurred graphics
  • product height
  • tightness
  • top/side seam
  • (pouch) cut-out
  • deformations
  • horizontal/vertical position
  • ribbed mouthpiece
  • damaged stopper
  • broken seal
  • mismatched/incomplete date / wrong date positioning
  • broken continuity of the seam
  • broken plastic film
  • foreign body (usually small fragments of packaged food)
  • mechanical damage to the edge