Quality control of tablets


A vision quality control system for medication in blister packs. Blispect can be integrated into any blister machine and calibration of a new product takes less than a minute.

Quality control procedures in pharmacy require inspection of each product and its packaging. Blispect is a visual quality control system for medication in blister packs. The system finds defects such as:

  • wrong tablet size,
  • missing tablets,
  • shape defects, cracks,
  • differences in colour,
  • debris, dirty finish of the blister pack.

The system can be adapted to any blistering machines and integrated with the logic of their operation, including the rejector. Calibration of the Blispect system for a new product takes less than a minute and does not require any expert knowledge. Sensitivity of the system is defined by one parameter which can be changed at any time after the system has been calibrated. Blispect has a built-in product database that saves quality control statistics.


Essential characteristics

  • very fast and simple system calibration for a new product (less than a minute)
  • clear graphical user interface with quality control visualisation on the touch panel
  • defective blisters and capsules are saved in a local database
  • preview of quality control statistics for each product

Elements of Blispect

  • a touch panel case,
  • a colour digital camera,
  • assembly elements for the production line,
  • a dedicated LED illuminator,
  • a dedicated controller that integrates Blispect with the machine’s logic.